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What are Hieroglyphic poems?

Hieroglyphic poems are a way of expression in which poetry, calligraphy and image are melted together as one. These three elements, when experienced by the individual, have the ability to project a reality in their mind beyond the limitations of time and space. By using poetry, calligraphy, and image in one expression, the three elements can create a multi-dimensional reality that is more than the sum of their parts.

Through the use of words and the absence of words, through the presence of light and of shadow; the poem and image merge into one expression. In this way soul and feeling, which are beyond words, may be expressed symbolically. Calligraphy originated as pictorial symbols used for religious purposes and prayer. Yuuki Kobayashi is the founder and investigating, Hieroglyphic poems are simultaneously old and new type of art form that unifies the modern refined line of calligraphy with the ancient use of calligraphy as an inspiration for prayer and reverence for nature.