A Verse For A New World #Ushitoranokonjin

[A flower does not bloom on painted ground.

It wants to breathe the air through the pores of it’s whole body.


Dare to cry out like a baby.

Everything in the world exists for you to play with.


We all lose our innocence,

But it’s better to be crazy than to be judged sane by the world.


Adults lament,

To be born into this age.


But for the genius child,

This world is the perfect playground.


Look at that simple smile,

Saying “there is no time to complain”.


Look at those eyes,

More bottomless and bright than crystals.


Life is now.

And hope keeps blooming.]


33.5cm × 24cm

oil pastel on paper

2019 ©︎yuukikobayashi




In this series, there are beginning words on the paper.  I then do a process of semi-automatic writing to explore what emerges from them.