myakujin: / Hironobu Sagawa / Yuuki Kobayashi / Tomohiko Urata







風がおどれば 山わらい

山がわらえば 空はれる

そらそらそらら そらららら

そらがうたえば はなうたどろぼう

はなは ななななうたいだす

あのねのねのね あのねのねのね

はながさくのは あのねのねのね






いきいきいきき いきしてるから

いきいきいきき いきしてるから

いまこのち から いきづくちから

いまこのちから きづくちから

それはあなたね あなたがたね

ま たね





Myaku Myaku : Eternal rhythm




You know what?

A story of a life and a root.

In the deepest part of the root of your story.

When the rains cry, and your eyes are cleansed and sparkling, a beautiful bud emerges.

The sunlight’s hope shines on the bud, and a smiley leaf comes out.

The Spring’s first wind passes through, plants and trees begin to grow and the mountains smile.

As the mountains smile, the sky becomes clear.

The sky is singing “sora sora sorara sorararara”.

And when the sky sings, you will sing too.

The flowers also start to sing.

You know what? You know what?

Do you know why the flower blooms?

The words in this story are written smoothly.

The words in this story are written smoothly.

The sands fall gently through the hourglass, and Autumn arrives.

The old fallen leaves are burnt and become a great power.

The burnt leaves become fertile soil with the power to grow things anew.

They breathe in and breathe out.

Coming and going to various places.

Now, this power.

The power to live.

Now, from this place, comes the power of awareness.

It’s you, all of you, who are the seed.

The true seed.

Seeds to roots.

See you again.



verse: Yuuki Kobayashi

translated: Seth Balthazar


5.6m × 7.2m

color Sumi on paper

2018 ©︎yuukikobayashi