Yuuki Kobayashi Exhibition: Crystal Verse “Life’s Radiance”



京都 妙心寺境外塔頭 「金臺寺」

小林勇輝 展 いのちの輝き


🍀金臺寺の秋の特別拝観で開催された平塚啓さんの「九相図 めぐるいのち」からバトンを受け取った展覧会で、期間中、日々変化する空間全体を使ったインスタレーション作品を現場公開制作予定です。(写真は前回展、空間に合わせて同化してゆくインスタレーションです)


白隠筆では大変珍しい彩色の巻物である「宝具変妖之図」(展示はレプリカ)や狩野永岳による襖絵など特別拝観時のみご覧いただけます。coordinator: Shinko Konishi



Exhibition by Yuuki Kobayashi: “Life’s Radiance – Between the Form and the Formless”
🍀 Taking over the baton from Kei Hiratsuka’s “Nine Aspects of Life” exhibited during the special autumn visit at Kontaiji Temple, this exhibition features daily changing installation works utilizing the entire space. (The photo is from the previous exhibition, showcasing an installation blending with the space.) Approximately 30 new and representative works will also be on display.
– Yuuki Kobayashi –
Having been familiar with calligraphy since the age of 6, Kobayashi has been primarily active in holding solo exhibitions domestically and internationally. His creations focus on the concept of “living,” aiming to evoke a gradual emergence of vitality. He is known as the founder of works called “Crystal Verse”, where his poetry, calligraphy, and image intertwine. Kobayashi disseminates a unique worldview that blends tradition and contemporary art, including installations where the paper of his creations merges with the space.
– Kontaiji Temple –
Founded in the Heian period, it is said to have been re-established by Emperor Oogimati Tenno, with chrysanthemum crests visible throughout. The main hall and the front gate are temporarily registered cultural properties of Kyoto Prefecture. During special visits, visitors can see rare colored scroll paintings such as “Treasures Changing into Monsters” (a replica will be exhibited) by Hakuin, and sliding door paintings by Kano Eigaku.
Special Spring Visit (normally not open to the public)
* Admission: 500 yen
64 Tojiin Nishimachi, Kita Ward, Kyoto City
※ Not within the premises of Myoshinji Temple
🚌 From Kyoto Station (Kyoto City Bus – Route 26) → Get off at Tojiin Minamimachi → 5 minutes on foot

🚃 From Shijo Omiya Station (Keifuku Dentetsu – bound for Arashiyama) → To Katabira-no-Tsuji Station (Keifuku Dentetsu – bound for Kitano Hakubaicho) → 1 minute on foot north from Tojiin Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus-mae Station.