✏︎下呂温泉 温泉寺 小林勇輝展
Yuuki Kobayashi solo exhibition
On-Sen-Ji temple Gero-Onsen

🍁11.10 fri.〜19 sun. 2023

🍁10:00〜21:00 (Admission is free)

Simultaneous with the exhibition, there will be an autumn foliage illumination around Onsen-ji from sunset to 9 PM.

🍁下呂温泉 医王霊山 温泉寺 医王閣
〒509-2207 岐阜県下呂市湯之島 680
The address is:
680 Yunoshima, Gero, Gifu 509-2207, Japan

Free parking is available at Onsen-ji.

会場は温泉寺内に下呂を代表する旅館 水明館の創業当時の建物が移築された趣のある「医王閣」という建築物で、下の階の大広間や吹き抜け、上の階の特室三部屋に渡り大作、代表作、新作合わせて50点ほどを展示予定です。
画像は2022年 医王閣 でのインスタレーション 「いのちのひ 」です
Immerse yourself in Yuki Kobayashi’s unique artistic world, where poetry, calligraphy, and painting come together as one, challenging the art of calligraphy in contemporary ways and offering immersive installations that transport you to different realms. The exhibition is a source of inspiration and rejuvenation.

The venue, known as “Ioukaku,” is a charming building originally constructed during the establishment of the Gero’s iconic ryokan, Suimeikan, located within Onsen-ji. In this setting, spanning the spacious lower hall, open atrium, and three special rooms on the upper floor, you can expect to see around 50 pieces, including masterpieces and new works.

The exhibition runs from 10 AM to 9 PM and coincides with the autumn leaves illumination around Onsen-ji, starting at sunset. You can enjoy the artworks even during the evening.

We hope you can relax and savor the artistic beauty of autumn while unwinding in Gero Onsen. 🍁

The image is from the 2022 installation ‘The Rays of Life’ at Ioukaku.